Rx Multi-Dose Packaging

Taking multiple medications can be complex and confusing. Sign up for multi-dose packaging today and simplify your at home prescription management. A member of our pharmacy team will help get you set up. We will get a list of your medications from your provider and get you prescriptions synchronized. Once a month, we will call you to make sure there have not been any changes to your medication regimen.

The advantages of the program are:

  • Multiple medications contained in one easy-to-access bubble pack.
  • Medications organized by time of day they should be taken
  • Simplification of Complex Regimens
  • Increased compliance
  • Less confusion
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This program may benefit you if:

  • You have trouble taking the medications out of a prescription vial (difficulty opening the lid, spilling medications)
  • You struggle to remember which medications to take at which time of day
  • You do not have a caregiver (but would benefit from one), or your caregiver is overwhelmed by the complex medication regimen

Let us take some of the worries about managing your medications away for you.

  • Our pharmacy staff will call you monthly to make sure you do not have any medication changes or questions for the pharmacist
  • We will contact your provider for you if you need any refills
  • We will package your medications into four weekly packs, with all your morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime medications in the appropriate time slots
  • We can deliver your medications to you for free if you are within local delivery area or we can mail your prescriptions to your door if you live in Pennsylvania.

This is a service offered by Community Pharmacy, Moshannon Valley Pharmacy and Boalsburg Apothecary. In order to qualify, patients must be on more than one medication, have their medications filled at our pharmacies and be part of our medication synchronization program.

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